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Ultra Pro Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Leinore, Autumn Sovereign Commander -- Combo Box for Magic: The Gathering

$ 14.98

The Commander Combo Box includes 100 Deck Protector® sleeves, a 100+ Deck Box, and a deck divider, all featuring matching artwork of Leinore, Autumn Sovereign from Magic: The Gathering. The sleeves are made using Ultra PRO’s proprietary ChromaFusion™ technology to minimize delamination, and the 100+ Deck Box and divider are made from a rigid polypropylene material. All materials are non-PVC and archival-safe to provide premium protection. 

Officially licensed Sleeve & Deck Box Combo for Magic: The Gathering Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Features exclusive artwork of Leinore, Autumn Sovereign 100 standard size Deck Protector® sleeves in each box 100+ Deck Box stores up to 100 double-sleeved cards Includes one matching deck divider