The House of the Dead 1 + 2 Box Set (Multicolor 3 LP Vinyl)

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Return to Curien mansion with The House of the Dead box set. In the early days of 3D, The House of the Dead 1 & 2 lit up arcades worldwide with their compelling story, infectious gameplay, and heart-pounding music. Composed by the SEGA Sound Team, both games feature incredible soundtracks with truly ballistic punch, power, and bass. For the first time ever, both soundtracks are available in this collectible, hardcover slipcase—complete with new artwork and a spot gloss logo. The House of the Dead ©SEGA. All rights reserved.

Release Notes

  • Includes: The House of the Dead 1, The House of the Dead 2, and hardcover slipcase
  • All-new artwork by Alex Pei, based on game and concept artwork
  • Hardocver slipcase features black inside board, full-color artwork, and psot gloss treatments
  • 3LPs, 1 epic franchise
  • Hardcover case not sold separately

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