Star Wars Rebel Assault [Premium Edition] - Limited Run Games - Sega CD [NEW]

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Star Wars: Rebel Assault on physical disc for the Sega CD. Compatible in the NTSC region. Limited to 2,500 copies available worldwide.   Each Star Wars: Rebel Assault Premium Edition comes with: 

Premium, individually numbered, foil-stamped rigid book style box. The cover of the box opens gatefold style to reveal the interior contents. Star Wars: Rebel Assault game on physical disc for the Sega CD. Game Manual  3 Art Cards Reversible 18" by 24" Poster Commemorative Coin Retro Case Enamel Coin

Star Wars: Rebel Assault is an arcade flight/shooting game based on the original Star Wars trilogy. Players control Rebel recruit Rookie One (who can be set to have either a male or female voice) in combat against the Empire. Story events (which don't follow the films to the letter but instead offer their own interpretation and characters) include Rookie One's basic training, an Imperial assault on Tatooine, the battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back and the Death Star battle from A New Hope. Players will control four different Star Wars craft: Skyhoppers, A-Wings, X-Wings and Snowspeeders.

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