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Sol Deace Collectors Edition for Genesis & Mega Drive by Retro-Bit - New

$ 129.99


In the year 3300, a supercomputer was developed to help unify the countless human settlements that had spread across various systems. This machine was called GCS-WT and was unlike any other machine before. However, it quickly defected from its programming and began using its mechanical fleet to attack various homeworlds. Now it is up to the last two pilots aboard the Sol-Deace, developed by the recently murdered Edwin Deace, to fly deep into space and stop the machines once and for all.
A port of the Mega-CD (SEGA-CD) launch game Sol-Feace, it brought a challenging shoot 'em up to the console known for having so many but still stood tall. Never released in Europe, now is your chance to own this officially licensed re-release of this Wolf Team-developed classic! For each copy sold, Retro-Bit will make a donation to our friends at the Video Game History Foundation in our mutual efforts for game preservation.

  • EMBELLISHED SLIPCOVER: Get the bigger picture of the Sol-Deace in action against a massive frigate in this embellished slipcover.
    It'll protect your game box and feel right at home among the rest of your collection.
  • REVERSIBLE BOX ART: The artwork for Sol-Feace and Sol-Deace has been usually consistent, we've also got a new cover thanks to the artwork by Wolf Team that was heavily used in ads and insert artwork for the original release.
  • FULL-COLOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL: We work diligently to ensure each of our manuals gets a makeover but retains as much of the original artwork and information as possible.
    Learn about how to play and succeed in this challenging shoot 'em up!
  • CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: Display it proudly with your latest addition to your collection or keep it tucked away knowing that your copy is yours. Each is individually numbered along with the final tally of pre-orders (2,500 is just a placeholder).
  • DOUBLE-SIDED POSTER: Who doesn't like massive space fighters on their wall? This double-sided poster comes with the full box art of the original release as well as the alternate artwork used in Japanese ads and within the materials of the Japanese release of Sol-Feace!
  • DARK MATTER CARTRIDGE: In space, there is no light but that which originated from the countless stars and space bodies. This Dark Matter cartridge encapsulates that massive empty void that is speckled with stars, many light years away.