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Sega Astro City Mini w/ control pad (37 built-in games) - Loose

$ 104.98 Regular price $ 157.98
The Astro City Mini is a functional miniature version of the full-sized arcade cabinet that goes by the same name, and it includes 37 playable games. The Mini features a built-in LCD screen, but if you’re interested in the bigger picture, it also includes an HDMI-out port, a headphone jack, and two USB-A ports. Included Games: * Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (with Stella) * Alien Storm * Alien Syndrome * Altered Beast * Arabian Fight # * Bonanza Bros. * * Columns # * Columns II * Cotton # * Crack Down * Cyber Police ESWAT * Dark Edge # * Dottori Kun (Dot Race) * Fantasy Zone * Flicky * Gain Ground # * Golden Axe * Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder # * My Hero * Puyo Puyo * * Puyo Puyo 2 * * Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R * * Puzzle & Action: Tant-R * * Rad Mobile * Quartet 2 * Scramble Spirits # * Sega Ninja * Shadow Dancer # * Shinobi * Sonic Boom * Space Harrier * Stack Columns * * Thunder Force AC * Virtua Fighter * Wonder Boy * Wonder Boy in Monster Land * * Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair _*Denotes a game that has menus and text in Japanese_ _#Denotes a game that has portions of untranslated text, but menus are entirely English._ _Please note that many of the games marked with an * or # are still entirely playable to those without the ability to read Japanese._