RetroFighters BladeGC Wireless GamePad Controller (Orange) -- GameCube / Switch / Wii / Wii U - New

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## The next revolution from Retro Fighters is here! The BladeGC is an ergonomically designed controller that is compatible with the GameCube, Switch & PC. The BladeGC features pressure sensitive analog triggers, comfortable and accurate directional pad and responsive analog sticks. Take your GameCube playing experience to the next level with 2.4GHz wireless technology and a 10+ hour rechargeable battery! The BattlerGC and the BladeGC are identical in every way, except for the location of the analog stick. If Smash Brothers is your thing, you'll love the placement of the analog stick located at the top-left of the BattlerGC. If you like to play GameBoy games, you may prefer the larger D-pad on the BladeGC. Or, better yet, why choose? Get 'em both!

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