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Retro Fighter JAB Next-Gen Controller - Nintendo NES | PC & Mac - New

$ 21.99
The controller that launched Retro Fighters and brought modern controllers to your favorite retro game titles. The Retro Fighters “JAB Gamepad” is the first NES compatible controller to be completely redesigned with next generation features and attributes. With the look, weight and feel of a modern controller, playing all of your favorite original NES games is an experience like no other. Experience your favorite NES games again but with a next-gen twist. A better D-pad, repositioned B-A buttons, plus triggers and a turbo button. Take control of your gaming on your terms. The JAB gamepad was designed to work with the original NES. It also supports most aftermarket retro consoles. If emulators are your thing, then the USB connection has you covered. FEATURES - Next generation NES controller featuring modern design and attributes with ultra fast turbo function - Compatible with the original NES, PC, MAC and most 3rd party NES systems*** - 6 foot cable length - Ergonomic placement of the “B” and “A” buttons, allows for more comfortable gameplay - Added smooth analog sticks that can also act as buttons – push down to use as the “B” and “A” buttons - Shoulder buttons and triggers make the controller versatile for any genre of game and for all types of gamers _***Not compatible with the NES Classic Edition – NES Pro Adapter required_ _***NTSC region compatible only (Not PAL compatible)_