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**Release Date: 11/11/2022** Yum Yum Cookstar is a brand-new cooking game experience from the creators of Cooking Mama: Cookstar. Get ready to stir, fry, chop and bake your way through 70+ recipes in an energetic new competition hosted by Chef Yum Yum. Chef Yum Yum introduces colorful and creative dishes with vegetarian variants including Rainbow Waffles, Unicorn Smoothies, Sushi Burritos and French Toast Cake. Three wacky judgesrate players cooking with comedic lines written by National Lampoon. Oodles of game modes including four difficulty levels, a Daily Cooking Challenge and judge-curated Invitational Tournaments with numerous unlocks of kitchen and appliance customizations. Plus an exciting dance soundtrack by award winning composer Nile Rodgers. - Master dozens of cooking techniques to unlock over 70 unique recipes! - 4 difficulty modes: Relaxed, Casual, Pro, Cookstar - Control it your way with Touch, Motion or controller - Rhythm based minigames and energetic soundtrack by Nile Rodgers will make you want to dance! - Share comedic judge reactions on social media! - Customize your kitchen and appliances - Curated Invitational Tournaments - Daily Cooking Challenges - Comedy by National Lampoon

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