[PRE-SALE] Valis III: Collector’s Edition by Retro-Bit - Sega Genesis - New

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**Pre-Orders closes 11/20/2022. Release will be about 2-3 months after preorder close date. Pre-Ordering will lock in your price.** Much time has passed since Yuko saved the dreamworld of Vecanti. Her own twin sister now sits on the throne as Queen of Valia and the Dark World falls into civil war. Now, one of the most powerful lords of the Dark World has proclaimed himself as King Glames and seeks to conquer worlds to prevent the destruction of his own. Still, there are those among the Dark World who fight against him such as Cham. Yuko will need Cham to rescue Valna and then team up to defeat King Glames and his Sword of Leethus, which is powerful enough to take on the Sword of Valis. Use each character’s abilities and magic to their fullest through 9 treacherous stages to strike at the heart of the Dark World once again! * Yuko Amber Cartridge for SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive * Full-colored instruction manual redone for this release * Restored the Music Test Mode previously only in the JP version * Reversible cartridge inlay sleeve featuring JP and NA artwork * Exclusive art card featuring some of the cast * Individually numbered certificate of authenticity

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