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Syd of Valis: Collector’s Edition by Retro-Bit - Sega Genesis - New

$ 49.99
**Available for in-store pickup only** Yuko was out getting ice cream after a school day when she runs into an enemy she suspects is Rogles, but it turns out to be Emperor Megas looking to take over the dreamworld of Vecanti! She must embark once more to prevent the destruction of Queen Valia’s homeworld as the true Valis Warrior. Emperor Megas looks to stop Yuko by taking the mystic sword away from her and rendering her powerless to stop him. New items and abilities are given to her in this "chibi" adventure as well as 6 different armors to defeat the dark forces across 5 perilous stages. * Cham Rose Cartridge for SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive * Full-colored instruction manual redone for this release * Fully translated to English * Reversible cartridge inlay sleeve featuring JP and NA artwork * Exclusive art card featuring some of the Chibi characters * Individually numbered certificate of authenticity