Totakeke Music: Animal Crossing (Nintendo Soundtrack) - Vinyl - New

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LP release of "Animal Crossing" and Totakeke Music! Settling on a deserted island and living a carefree life with animals, Nintendo SwitchTM "Animal Crossing. The last free update implemented in November 2021 last year contained a lot of content, and while fans are once again excited, an analog record containing the Totakeke Music is now available for purchase. In addition to 18 songs selected from "Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack: Totakeke Music Collection Instrumental," which was released in June 2021 of last year, an arrangement version of "Hazure 02" is included as a bonus track. The A-side is a selection of upper tunes, and the B-side is a selection of chill-out tunes. Note that this is an instrumental version and does not have the vocals of "Totakeke". (Excluding "Hazure 02 -City & Pop Ver.-[Bonus Track]")

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