Pokemon TCG: V Battle Deck (Rayquaza V / Noivern V) * NEW - Noivern V

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Swoop from the Sky and Bring the Boom — with Rayquaza V and Noivern V! Welcome the return of Dragon types to the Pokémon TCG with a deck led by Rayquaza V or Noivern V! While Rayquaza V combines the powers of Fire and Lightning, and Noivern V channels Psychic and Darkness Energy, you can turn your discards into damage, sync up your hand size to deliver crushing blows, and master all the tricks of these two V Battle Decks! Includes one V Battle Deck (Rayquaza V or Noivern V). In each V Battle Deck, you’ll find: 1 ready-to-play 60-card deck 3 reference cards 1 rules booklet Single-player playmat Damage counters 1 large metallic coin 1 deck box 1 Quick Guide to unlock the strategies within 1 code card to play this deck online

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