Pokemon Snakewood Version - English Fan Hack - GameBoy Advance - New (Game Only)

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Pokémon Snakewood is a hacked ROM of Pokémon Ruby. The game is set a few years after the events of Ruby, and you play as the younger brother or sister of Ruby's protagonist (called Landon in this game). The game takes place in a post-zombie apocalyptic Hoenn region, where the hero must fight his/her way through the decaying region to restore order. Features and New Stuff: * New scripts, new over-worlds, new sprites - the usual exciting new areas, such as the hidden Meathouse, the maddening Island of Calm and the unexpected Hoenn University of Film * Several zombie versions of normal Pokémon, two of which are capturable * 6 Denjuu * An indeterminate number of Fakemon (somewhere between 40 and 50), including a good number of hidden evolutions to existing Pokémon * New legendaries, some of which are evil Sinnoh Pokémon * 5 Isshu (Unova) Pokémon * A surprising pet shop run by a certain Count * A somewhat darker plot than usual * A slightly increased difficulty level * A host of deceitful characters

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