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Pinfinity AR Pins: March of the Machine- Phyrexian Praetor Blind Box (Random)

$ 12.99

To celebrate March of the Machine, we've launched our second set of mystery pins, this time featuring some incredible and gorgeous designs for the five Praetors: Jin-Gitaxias, Sheoldred, Urabrask, Vorinclex, and of course the Mother of Machines herself, the Grand Praetor Elesh Norn. These five mystery Praetors come in an all-black finish, but there's a 33% chance the blind box will open to reveal a beautiful Gold Mythic Variant!

Fans of Companion decks will love our other two pins featured in our March of the Machine collection, as we've got Jegantha the Wellspring and not quite Lurrus, but instead her adorable Nightmare Kitten!

Like with our blind box Praetor pins, there's a chance that some lucky fans will score a Glitter Variant for our Nightmare Kitten and Jegantha pins.

  • 10 to collect (5 common and 5 mythic)
  • AR Content includes selfie frame and downloadable Wallpaper