Kids On Site - Collector's Edition - Limited Run #457 - PlayStation 4 - New

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# KIDS HAVE HAD LOTS OF OPPORTUNITY TO WATCH BIG EQUIPMENT IN ACTION. NOW, PUT YOUR CHILD IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT. Let the colorful and zany cast of characters, Bertha, Dizzy, Nuts, and the Coffee Break Gang. Guide your kid through the real thrills of operating heavy construction equipment. Kids on Site delivers 100% real video with instant Interactive responses. Your kid's in charge, at the controls, of real monster machines on a real construction site and working with real people, not cartoon characters. With Kids On Site, They'll be digging in the dirt, swinging the wrecking ball, making new friends and most of all, having fun. Kids On Site is on a region-free physical disc for the Playstation 4. Also works on the Playstation 5. ### KIDS ON SITE COLLECTOR'S EDITION INCLUDES * Physical Copy of Kids On Site for PS4 with a Reversible Cover * Kids On Site 18"x24" Poster * Kids On Site Coloring Book * Kids On Site Decal Sticker * 4 Crayons Genre: Action Number of Players: 1 player Supported Languages: English

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