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GPK Micro Collection - 1 Blind Box

$ 6.99

World’s Smallest Garbage Pail Kids Blind Box

Embrace all things disgusting with GPK!

The original “gross out” brand of the 80’s featuring hilariously revolting characters with outrageous names to match is now available in the world’s smallest size!

Measuring up to 1.25 inches tall, these micro figures have awesome detailing and big personalities!

  • Each GPK blind box includes: 1 GPK Mini Figure, 1 GPK Wacky Grocery Item, 2 Mini Original Art Mini Cards, and Checklist!
  • Collect Them All! 31 Figures including 7 exclusive chase figures! 23 GPK Wacky Mini Grocery Items and 24 mini stickers!
  • A perfect Easter gift, party favor, stocking stuffer and more!
  • GPK’s nostalgic roots and over-the-top zaniness continues to work their way into the hearts of kids, adult collectors and pop-culture aficionados!
  • For fans of all ages. Recommended for ages 8 and up.