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Ghoul Patrol - Limited Run [Premium Edition] - Super Nintendo * NEW - Standard Grey

$ 119.95
The main attractions at the library's Goblin exhibit have come to life! As the Ghoul Patrol, go back in time and de-spook an encyclopedia of zombified historic dudes. Vaporize garbage-can ghosts and Ninja spirits, rescue bug-eyed librarians and wigged-out pirates, dodge flying books and adolescent-eating plants, and ultimately put the beastly spirit back in the history books! 2-Player Cooperative mode lets you team up for a double dose of ghost busting adventure A cemetary full of enemies including skeletal knights, zombified samurais and possessed automobiles A potent potpourri of power-ups to collect, including rubber chickens and magic potions Cool weapons to use, from plasma rifles to suction-cup arrows Ghoul Patrol on a physical cartridge for the SNES.  This Ghoul Patrol Classic Edition includes: A physical cartridge of Ghoul Patrol for the SNES in either transparent red or standard grey Manual Commemorative metal coin Original CD soundtrack Enamel pin Acrylic standees Reversible 18" x 24" poster Art cards Authentically sized and designed retro box Delusxe premium box designed to hold and store everything inside