Espgaluda II Switch Arcade Peripheral - Limited Run - New

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Anticipated Release Window January/February 2023

Slide in your Switch and experience the most satisfying way to play Espgaluda II

Espgaluda II Switch Arcade Peripheral is designed to emulate a classic arcade cabinet, with your Switch acting as a vertical screen and your Joy-Con taking the spot of the controls. Compatible with both the Standard and OLED model Switch.

Espgaluda II Switch Arcade Peripheral features:

  • Notched design that allows you to easily insert and remove your Switch
  • Power cable slot to keep your Switch charged as you play
  • Left-side speaker holes to hear that beautiful soundtrack


  • Dimensions: 260.8mm high x 172.8mm deep x 126mm wide
  • Sidewall thickness: approx. 9.5mm
  • Materials: ABS plastic
  • Ships as collapsible panels for ease of transport
  • Minor assembly required
  • OLED compatible

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