Espgaluda II - Limited Run #155 - Nintendo Switch - New

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Estimated Release window is January/February 2023

Espgaluda II is on a region-free physical cart for the Nintendo Switch.

Galuda is a biological weapon that connects the Holy Spirit and humans through alchemy and mechanical engineering.

The military nation "Shinra", which gained the power of Galuda, was destroyed by the two Galuda "Ageha" and "Tateha" that they created. Three years have passed since that war.

After an experiment that touches on contraindications, "Soma" has artificially acquired Galuda's abilities.

And the only Galuda who was born, "Asagi" who was the assassin of King Soma.

"Tsubame" and "Janome" who are also artificial Galuda and prince and princess of Soma country chasing Asagi.

Then, Ageha and Tateha head to rescue Asagi to stop the tragedy. The battle with the true Galuda and the built Galuda is about to begin.

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