Animal Crossing: Kicks 7" Plush

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Kicks is a character introduced in Animal Crossing: City Folk. He is a male skunk, who, in Animal Crossing: City Folk, shines shoes for a living in the city on fair weather days. He can be found outside the run-down building between Lloid's auction house and Sham poodle. This building used to be owned by Brewster, as he reveals when he says he used to own a place in the city that did bad business and is boarded up now. Now, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he runs a shoe shop named Kicks, which sells both shoes and socks. The name "Kicks" is a pun on the slang word for tennis shoes, "kicks.". - Official Licensed Plush By Little Buddy USA - Limited availability - Cute and Collectible - Soft and Cuddly - Approx. Size: 5"L x 7"W x 8"H

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