Veigues Tactical Gladiator - TurboGrafx-16 (Complete) - Used - Complete (No Retail Box)

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In the year 2324, Earth is in no good shape: alien forces attacked the planet since three years. But now the military unleashed their secret weapon, the fighting robots Veigues, to set an end to this threat! The player controls one of those robots through ten stages in which a lot of aliens and a big boss want to be defeated. 

This is a traditional "run and gun" game in which the player dodges enemy attacks and uses a variety of weapons which are built in the robot's body parts. It is also possible to float for a short amount of time, but this costs energy which is displayed in one of the two automatically regenerating status bars at the bottom of the screen. The other one shows the condition of the protective shields which are decreased by enemy hits. If it runs out, the robot loses a limb and associated systems, e.g. if the head is gone, the radar which shows the direction of incoming attacks goes with it. If all limbs are lost, the game is over. Defeating enemies rewards points which can be used to upgrade the robot's abilities between levels.

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