Thumber - Limited Run #009 - Collector's Edition - Nintendo Switch (New)

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Thumper is a fast, reflex based game where the player controls a futuristic space beetle racing on a track floating in a void. Rhythm based input is required to progress and prevent crashes, moving through levels and defeating a giant head as a boss several times. Controls are limited to four directions along with a single button. They are used in different combinations to overcome obstacles. The beetle moves forward automatically and the speed cannot be controlled. Only a single lane is available at first, but later levels have multiple ones. Sharp turns are taken by holding the button while going left or right. Pressing the button once needs to be timed to glowing elements on the track. The button can be held to float and burst through barriers. When it is combined with an upwards motion the beetle unfolds its wings and can break through hoops as another type of barrier. These actions often need to be performed as combos in quick succession.

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