The Secret of Monkey Island [Limited Run] - Premium Edition - Sega CD

Sega CD

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The Secret of Monkey Island on physical disc for the Sega CD. Compatible in the NTSC region. Limited to 2,000 copies available worldwide.

Each The Secret Of Monkey Island Premium Edition comes with: 

  • The Secret Of Monkey Island disc playable on your retro Sega CD console system.
  • Individually numbered, premium book-style rigid box with silver foil stamping and certificate of authenticity.
  • Game Manual
  • 3 Art Cards
  • Reversible 18" by 24" Poster
  • Commemorative Coin
  • Retro Case Enamel Pin
  • "Ask Me About Loom" Button

The Secret of Monkey Island is an adventure game that utilizes the command verb-based SCUMM interface first introduced in Maniac Mansion: the player constructs commands for Guybrush by selecting an appropriate verb and then combining it with an object or an inventory item. Objects that can be interacted with are highlighted when the player places a cursor over them. The game is the first LucasArts adventure in which it is impossible to get irrevocably stuck; like in Loom, the player character also cannot die. The branching dialogue system, where the player chooses between several available responses during conversations, allows the player to talk to characters in different ways without fearing a wrong choice, and is often used as a humorous device.

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