Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi - Playstation (Very Good) - Used - Complete

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A fighting game in the Star Wars universe.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Emperor employs the services of a deadly young woman named Arden Lyn, master of the ancient martial art of Teras Kasi, to eliminate the key heroes of the Rebellion. Learning of the threat, Luke Skywalker and crew face her directly in a number of locales from the various worlds visited in the original trilogy. 

Each warrior starts off fighting bare handed, but has a weapon that they can draw and use, ranging from Leia's staff to Han's blaster, to Luke's lightsaber. A typical fighting game, it features arcade, survival, team, practice, and versus modes. Combat takes place on square arenas, and ring-outs are possible. The backgrounds teem with images from the original Star Wars trilogy, from snowspeeders fighting walkers on Hoth to Endor Shuttle Pad from Return of the Jedi.The control scheme is also typical, and most of the powerful moves involve fairly complex combination of buttons. 

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