Spelunky [Collector's Edition] Limited Run #221 - PlayStation Vita (New)

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This is a remake of the original Spelunky. Besides the updated graphics (which grant the often used title Spelunky HD), this release includes new enemies, music, areas, terrain, items and 11 new playable characters. It also includes a local 4-players co-op mode and a deathmatch mode. The controls were redesigned specifically to be played with a gamepad.

Spelunky on physical cartridge for the PlayStation Vita. The Collector's Edition is imited to 1,500 copies available worldwide. Region free. Designed by our friends at Fangamer!

The Spelunky Collector's Edition includes: Spelunky on physical cartridge for the PlayStation Vita; Damsel dog pug plush; Metal Spelunky decoder medallion bookmark; Explorer's journal filled with unique art and other content; Physical Spelunky soundtrack CD.

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