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Yuri Hyuga is a young harmonixer: a man who possesses the power of transforming into demons. He meets Alice Elliot, a young British girl whose father was brutally murdered, and who is chased by a mysterious warlock who calls himself Roger Bacon. Yuri and Alice travel through the pre-war China, dealing with demons, evil magicians, and Japanese occupation army. The journey eventually takes them and their friends to Europe, where they have to confront their ultimate enemy, but also uncover the truth about their own pasts.

Shadow Hearts is a Japanese-style role-playing game set in a historical period (China and Europe of 1913, one year before the World War I) with plenty of supernatural elements mixed in. The game shares plot-related and stylistic traits with Koudelka, to which it can be considered a sequel. The player navigates a party of characters (up to three active combatants) over pre-rendered backgrounds. Combat with regular enemies occurs randomly. During battles, characters use regular attacks or cast spells. In addition to the regular health (HP) and magic points (MP), each character also has a special SP ("sanity points") bar. Sanity bar is gradually depleted in combat; when characters run out of SP, they become insane and hence uncontrollable, until their sanity is restored with items.

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