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Asuka called you into the classroom after school. She's waiting there for you. But she might not be her usual self...

Delve into intimacy by massaging her hands and helping her relax. Explore her many daydreams to see her in different lights. Get to know her as an energetic admirer, an experienced warrior, a curious classmate...and much more.

Massage her with everything you've got, and you just might restore a piece of her lost heart. Help her put all the pieces back together, and her feelings for you just might change...

Enjoy an exciting reflexology experience together with a special girl.

After brutal ninja battles, rhythmic cooking contests, and exciting water gun fights, the popular SENRAN KAGURA series dives into the world of interactive storytelling for the first time, giving players a chance to get to know their shinobi heroine in a private setting. Employ the art of reflexology to massage Asuka, melting her worries away either with your bare hands or a variety of tools. The SENRAN KAGURA games have always featured plenty of interaction with the characters in the Dressing Room, but SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions lets you take your relationship to a whole new level.

Senran Kagura Reflexions on physical cartridge for the Nintendo Switch. Region free. 

Includes all of the game's DLC on the cartridge (an over $100 value):

  • Yomi Reflexions Course & 12 Outfit Set
  • Ryōna Reflexions Course & 7-Outfit Set
  • Murasaki Reflexions Course & 7-Outfit Set
  • Yumi Reflexions Course & 9-Outfit Set
  • 30 Accessory Set
  • Yumi Outfit Set 1
  • Yumi Outfit Set 2
  • Newlyweds Outfit Set
  • New Diorama Pose Set 1
  • New Diorama Pose Set 2
  • New Accessory Set
  • New Outfit Set
  • Murasaki Outfit Set 1
  • Murasaki Outfit Set 2
  • Hairstyle Set
  • Gym Uniform Outfit Set
  • Ryōna Outfit Set 1
  • Ryōna Outfit Set 2
  • Yomi Outfit Set 1
  • Yomi Outfit Set 2
  • Glorious Reflexology — Set of Three

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