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Have you ever dreamed about creating your own game?

Fantastic Creatures, Amazing Visual Effects, and Cinematic Battles await you as you create a fantasy world where dragons and monsters come to life.
RPG Maker II is a complete 3-D design tool that provides novice users and advanced players everything they need to create their own adventures.

  • Includes the full Ready-to-Play Fiona!
  • In-Game help feature allows you to jump right in and start creating.
  • Over 200 characters and enemies, more than 250 objects, and an infinite amount of magic/spells, weapons, equipment, and items are at your fingertips.
  • Compatible with Logitech USB Keyboard making text input easy, and Sony Picture Paradise to import digital pictures/images into your game.
  • Create your own or use preset data, then create your events!

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