River City Melee - Limited Run Collectors Edition - PlayStation 4 (New)

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River City Melee on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Classic Edition is limited to 1,900 copies available worldwide. Region free.

The River City Melee Classic Edition comes with the River City Melee physical game for the PlayStation 4, a retro game sleeve, an 18 x 24 inch poster featuring original art by Paul Mann, and a 48-track soundtrack CD. Each copy is individually numbered and packaged in a box that is the same height as an NES game box (though the width and depth have had to be modified to fit the game and soundtrack). This Classic Edition will feel right at home on your shelf next to a boxed NES copy of River City Ransom!

This release features reversible cover artwork. The cover that is sealed facing outwards has been randomized by the factory.

The most popular melee batttle from the River City franchise is back with new and improved action!

Enjoy the great battle royal action with up to 4 teams at once!

Fight against friends next to you at home or rivals across the world!

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