Prima's Official Strategy Guide - Shenmue - Sega Dreamcast (Preowned)

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Shenmue is the must-have stunning epic adventure from Sega's creative genius, Yu Suzuki! Shenmue promises to up the ante for all adventure games to come. Featuring gameplay elements that include RPG, adventure, and fighting, Shenmue breaks all the rules as you follow Ryo Hatzuki's investigation of his father's murder. Shenmue: Prima's Official Strategy Guide offers complete strategy, including:

  • A rundown of each character's story
  • Step-by-step instructions for each event
  • An inventory of all items, by type and location
  • Strategies for all mini-games
  • Fighting tips and techniques
  • 3D maps with all areas and items mapped out
  • A sealed secrets section which includes the game's dramatic ending

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