Advanced Busterhaw Gley Lancer - Collector's Edition - Sega Genesis - New

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## PreOrder by 12/15/2022 and receive a $10 voucher at release ** Expected Release: Spring 2023 ** **_Pre-Order now and LOCK IN the price_** # THE CULT HIT FROM STORIED DEVELOPER MASAYA HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! It is with great pleasure that we welcome Masaya Games to the Retro-Bit library of classic titles. They were the publishing arm Nippon Computer Systems since 1987 and released massive game series such as Assault Suits Valken, Langrisser, and Cho Aniki. One aspect present in most of their titles was how they oozed style. Whether utilizing anime-inspired designs, intense soundtracks, or innovative gameplay, their games carried something unique that set them apart from others and Gley Lancer is no different. For each copy sold, Retro-Bit will make a donation with each purchase to our friends at the Video Game History Foundation in our mutual efforts for game preservation. **COLORFUL CUTSCENES, INCREDIBLY UNIQUE BIOMES, AND AN EXPLOSIVE SOUNDTRACK AWAIT!** **ALL CUTSCENES ARE OFFICIALLY TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH!** **THIS LIMITED RELEASE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING** - RUBY NOVA CARTRIDGE: Inspired by the red present on the UEF Naval uniforms, the Busterhawk's canopy, and our courageous red-head Lucia, this blazing red transparent shell is an eye-catcher. Match it with our own Crimson Red SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive controllers and make those aliens feel the heat! - EMBELLISHED SLIPCOVER: Coming from a military family, Lucia is a very talented pilot despite her age but still wears her emotions on her sleeve and on this beautiful slipcover. This will keep your game case safe but the embellished detailing will make you want to keep this in your collection. - REVERSIBLE INLAY SLEEVE: A treat for fans of alternate artwork, we offer you the original Japanese artwork and the new alternate artwork from the slipcover. Who really is the protagonist, the pilot or the ship? Regardless, the art is well preserved behind the cartridge box's inlay no matter which one you choose. - FULL-COLOR MANUAL: Want to know more about the history? Perhaps learn more about the cast of characters? Or do you just want to know which buttons to push to make things go "boom"? Fully translated into English, this re-done manual includes all of that and more! - CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: Let everyone know just how official this re-release is! An important release like this needs a special certificate and this one is quite the looker. It doesn't matter how high or low your allocated number is, this one is a special one you'll definitely want to keep!

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