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NBA Jam Tournament Edition is part of the SNES basketball arcade series released in 1994, featuring two-on-two fast paced matches with NBA players from the current 2016-17 season. In total, the game features over 117 NBA athletes and tons of hidden characters. This game still includes the additional power-ups, more detailed player attributes, player substitutions after each quarter, and the original soundtrack. The namesake "Tournament Mode" turns off all cheats and power-ups, and rewards players with expanded rosters for nearly all teams if the player beats all 30 teams.

New Features:

  • Play with all 30 NBA teams, including players from New Orleans, Toronto, and Memphis (select players found under "Rookie Team")
  • 117 of the top NBA players including Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, and many more
  • Completely revamped rosters, accurate as of January 2017
  • Custom attributes and appearances for every player, based on the NBA 2k17 roster
  • Unlock legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and other greats like Scottie Pippen, Reggie Miller, and more.
  • Subtle graphical upgrades

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