Naruto Broken Bond - Xbox 360 (Game Only)

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After the Sand Village's attack on Leaf Village was beaten back, it looks like things in Leaf Village might calm down for a change...until Orochimaru appears, eager for vengeance in his quest for power, and makes an attack on Leaf Village of his own. Now Naruto, along with his friends and teachers, must help to rebuild the village and stop the plans of the nefarious figures who would threaten their peace.

Naruto: The Broken Bond is a direct sequel to Rise of a Ninja, and is a similar action-platform game. It directly follows the anime's story, picking up right where the previous game ended. The player controls Naruto and up to two teammates exploring the world around Leaf Village, taking missions from Jiraiya and the Hokage. Battles play out as a one-on-one side-view fighting game, and new in this title is the addition of tag play and team attacks.

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