Monster Tale - Nintendo DS (Complete)

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Young girl, Ellie, finds a strange, glowing bracelet in the woods, and upon touching it is transported to a magical world of monsters, where she befriends Chomp - a hatchling monster of unknown origin. As she is looking for a way back home, Ellie soon discovers not all is right in the monster world - a group of bratty human children led by Queen Priscilla have taken over, and are ruling the land with an iron fist. Moreover the child-rulers see Ellie and her new pet as a threat to their reign and are actively trying to kill or capture our heroes.

Monster Tale is an action/exploration platformer with RPG and virtual pet elements. Ellie, the player character is equipped with a long-range projectile in form of her plasma-firing bracelet, and a short range attack via a deadly purse. Along the way she would also acquire various abilities such as a roll, wall-slide, uppercut and many others. Her health can be upgraded via collecting heart containers.

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