MLB 2001 - Playstation (Complete)

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This baseball game is an update to MLB 2000. The game contains depictions of the real teams, stadiums, stats, and players that reflect their real life counterparts. This game features Exhibition, All-Star Game, Season, Playoffs, Spring Training, and Home Run Derby modes. There is also a Franchise mode that let's the player build a team from scratch and try to turn it into a World Series caliber team. Another feature the game has is Manager mode which lets the player check out scouting reports during the game, warm up relievers in the bullpen, and try to get their team to the World Series and hopefully win it.

A unique feature of this game is the Total Control Fielding and Total Control Batting systems. The batting system effects how much control the player has on how the ball is hit, which direction it gets hit to, and the power of the batter's swing.The fielding system lets the player have more control over the fielders. There is also an Advanced Batting Cursor option where guessing the pitcher's pitch correctly let's the player lock on to the pitch for more power while guessing incorrectly will make the batting cursor shrink and make the ball harder to hit.

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