Mario Tennis Ultra Smash - Wii U (Very Good) - Used - Complete

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is a tennis game starring Mario and friends. The game can be played one vs one or two vs two and offers different types of tennis courts. New characters make their debut on the court, additional characters can be unlocked and badges can be earned for completing achievements. The game offers the following modes:

  • Classic Tennis: focuses on Chance Shots and Jump Shots with no giant mode;
  • Knockback Challenge: lets you play AI opponents that increase in difficulty and has Amiibo support;
  • Mega Battle: mushrooms come available that let you transform into a giant with more power and range;
  • Mega Battle Rally: you have to smash a ball back and forth as many times as possible;
  • Online Mode: play against other players online and with Amiibo support.

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