HeroCard Nightmare - TableStar Games (New)

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That ridiculous witch and her decrepit camera, what harm could come from taking a picture? Had I never looked at that cursed lens none of this would have happened. In a flash I saw where I was going to die and what would kill me, my nightmares have become real. As I journey through the warped landscape, unable to stir from the dream, it becomes clear, my only hope of waking up is to ensure that no other dreamer survives this Nightmare! HeroCard Nightmare is two games in one. The first is the basic HeroCard engine, a card-dueling game. The second is a game of deadly deduction that uses HeroCard to resolve conflicts within the game.

  • 2-4 players
  • One hour to play
  • Mystical dream theme
  • Includes 3 and 4 player expansions
  • Compatable with all Herocard sets

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