Guitar Hero Live 2 Guitar Pack - Xbox One (Preowned)

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Guitar Hero Live is an entry in the Guitar Hero series and a reboot of the franchise after the hiatus following Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock in 2010. The core concept is identical: players use a plastic guitar peripheral to play the guitar sections of songs by following the cues on the screen and pressing the matching buttons on the instrument in time. Unlike the contemporary Rock Band 4 there is no backwards compatibility with instruments of content from earlier games. The largest difference compared to earlier titles is in the presentation. In the Guitar Hero Live mode each song is now played from the perspective of the guitarist during a real-world concert setting using full motion video footage. While playing the camera shifts between watching and interacting with the band members and the audience. Based on the player's performance there are dynamic transitions in the video, as the band members will encourage or scold you and the same goes for the audience.

This Bundle includes the Game and 2 Wireless Guitars.

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