Frisbee Disc Sports: Ultimate & Golf - Nintendo DS (Very Good)

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This title combines two different types of gameplay involving frisbees. Golf plays like a regular golf game, except without the sticks or balls. Instead the player goes through a course of eighteen holes to get the frisbee in the hole in as little throws as possible. There are different frisbee types to choose from (Super Driver, Super Turn, Turnover and Putter) and the wind direction and speed also need to be taken into account. While throwing the player can determine the strength and flight angle.

Ultimate, the other game mode, is played as mix of soccer and rugby in a no-contact team sport of run and catch to get a single frisbee over the goal line. Players can choose from different teams and determine defensive and offensive positions. While playing, the frisbees can be thrown at different angles and speed, while the opposing team tries to intercept it.

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