EGG Elemental Gimmick Gear - Sega Dreamcast (Complete)

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A mysterious planet Fogna... you awaken one day after a prolonged sleep, look around and realise you have been asleep for quite a while - thousands of years... The people who saw you during your sleep named you the Sleeper. You were discovered by an archaeological team, and an ancient machine, which was dubbed "Elemental Gimmick Gear" by the archaeologists, was found near you. You are a young man, but in fact you are several thousand years old. Now you must discover your past, the past of the planet, and the purpose of the mysterious Elemental Gear.

This game is an action RPG. The player can move around the battlefield, using various physical attacks, such as punch, spin, etc., and also elemental (magic-like) spells. The game is mostly 2D, except the boss battles, which are in full 3D. There are also many puzzle-solving areas and mini-games included within the game.

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