DJ Max Fever - PSP (Complete)

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DJ Max Fever is an action rhythm game in Pentavision's popular DJ Max series. It is based on the Korean release of DJ Max Portable 2 and features a selection of songs from that title as well as the original DJ Max Portable. It is remarkably similar to Konami's Beatmania series: blocks, which represent sounds in the music, fall from the top of the screen in columns. When they pass an on-screen bar, the corresponding button must be pressed to play the note. If too many notes are missed, the song is failed and ends early.

The game features more than 50 songs and multiple difficulty levels. In addition to the standard game, there is a practice mode, a challenge mode, and a two-player network battle mode. More music and other bonuses unlock as the game is played, and there is also a gallery where the player can peruse unlocked music and videos.

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