Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition - Xbox 360 (Complete) - Used - Complete

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This edition combines Diablo III with its expansion Diablo III: Reaper of Souls into a single game. The game supports local four-player split-screen and online multiplayer.

This version of the game has some elements specific for the console version:

  • Apprentice mode created to make it easier for low-level players to play along with high-ranked players. Items always drop for all players equally, but they match the players' individual levels.
  • Characters from the installed version of the original Diablo III can be transferred over, also to the new platforms.
  • In-game mail system to send material, gold and items to anyone on your friends list. There is also a chance of gift spawns when certain items are picked up, these can be sent to friends.
  • Nemesis system: when you are killed by a monster there is a chance the creature will level up and become a nemesis. It will open up a portal, step through it and will hunt one of the friends on the killed player's friend list. When the friend kills the nemesis a reward is provided to all players involved.


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