Bust-A-Move Deluxe - PSP (New)

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Bust-a-Move Deluxe is the second game in the franchise to appear on the PSP. True to the classic puzzle gameplay, players launch bubbles of different colours from the bottom of the screen to match at least three like colours to clear parts of the field before it is forced down. This version offers 300 puzzles in the Classic mode and adds some new modes.

In the Ghost mode, bubbles pass through any objects until they hit and wall, and then stick to another orb. If you fail to clear a set of bubbles, a heart meter increases. When it reaches five, the game is over. Clear plenty of bubbles and a ghost will appear on the opponent's screen, masking the colours. There are also 8 Challenge Puzzle modes, with six rounds each, adding extra strategy through balancing the board, hiding colours for a while, a cannon placed on a horizontally-moving conveyor belt, varying colours, single-shot puzzles, distorted time and speed, or a focus on skill shots by playing for points. Multiplayer is also supported.

Next to the known characters Bub, Bob, Monsta and Dorank, 6 new playable characters include Goon, Chick'n, Banebow and Propella and unlockables.

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