Bust-A-Move: Bust 'em Up Edition - Fan Hack - Super Nintendo (Reproduction)

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Which will burst first: your concentration or the level you're working on? It takes more than just swinging the bubble-turret and taking aim on the falling ceiling; tactical planning and mental dexterity are the only way to string together three or more bubbles and 100 wins to make it through all the bubble and ego-bursting rounds of Bust-A-Move!

This new edition, "Bust 'em Up" takes all your favorite elements from the original game and updates the challenges and game experience!

New Features

* All 100 levels re-mapped
* 4 bubbles in a row to pop (instead of the usual 3)
* Boss takes 10 hits (used to be 12), but has a new “arena”
* Brown bubbles and invisible bubbles can’t be popped, so they present a new challenge to the game

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