BS Zelda: Map 1 & 2 - Reproduction - Super Nintendo (New)

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Reproductions - This is a reproduction of a never-released Super Nintendo Game. It has been translated to English. It is guaranteed to work in an original SNES console only.

BS The Legend of Zelda (BS?????? BS Zeruda/Zelda no Densetsu) was an expanded version of The Legend of Zelda that was released for the Satellaview attachment of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan.

BS stands for Broadcast Satellaview and the Satellaview unit is commonly referred to as the BS-X. Using this add-on gamers could download the game from the satellite and save it onto either the base unit's memory or onto a BS-X Special Broadcast Cassette.

The gameplay was identical to its predecessor, but the maximum of Rupees was increased to 999 (rather than 255), the overworld was altered, and dungeons were completely different. There is some allusion to this game being a "Third Quest", much like The Legend of Zelda's Second Quest.

The game was played in real-time. An onscreen clock showed the current time, and at various times on the clock certain events would happen. The game pauses for a moment before making a change. Sometimes the enemies are killed or stunned, sometimes a fairy appears, and occasionally the player is granted unlimited quantities of one of their items for a limited time. Bombs, boomerangs and candles can all be auto-upgraded this way, and will never run out of ammunition until the clock reaches the ending value, at which point the player's bombs are returned to the amount they had before the unlimited amount was activated, or the boomerang will downgrade, or the candle turn from red back to blue.


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