Blue Stinger - Sega Dreamcast (Very Good) - Used - Complete

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Blue Stinger controls much like most Survival Horrors of the time, but plays more like a straight-up Action title with Adventure elements. The player is encouraged to engage the enemies encountered, as not only do they drop coins which can be used to purchase health packs, new weapons and ammo; but they respawn upon re-entry of most locations, allowing for a technically infinite number of coins to be collected, and thus health and ammo. Even when the player does find themselves out of ammo, Eliot can equip himself from a number of unlimited-use melee weapons that are just as powerful as the ranged ones. Health packs, taking the form of food and drinks, must be used in realtime, the player having to ensure the safety of their character while the eating or drinking animation plays out. Though limited in scope, the island is fully open to explore and requires some backtracking as new items are found or developments are reached, as the player advances through a story progressed in game-engine cutscenes and radio chatter between Eliot, Dogs and Janine. Bosses are encountered regularly, some being stronger versions of more commonly-encountered enemies and playing out much like tougher battles with those; while others are unique and require the player to determine their behaviors and patterns to defeat them. Puzzles are mostly of the minor, find-the-item and use-it-in-the-right-place variety. Though environmental hazards appear in a number of locations, the game does not delve into Platformer territory as the actions required to pass these sections are either as simple as navigating around them or context-sensitive to the particular situations.

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