Battle Yahtzee - Alien vs. Predator (New)

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Battle Yahtzee®: Alien vs. Predator™ Includes:

A Game Board to Plan Your Attack: Use the custom score board to track your health and strategize which enemy to take down first. Players start with 100 in Health points and move up and down the board as they are attacked. Roll a Yahtzee to take 50 points from each player!

Character cards that add a new level of gameplay: Choose your allegiance wisely because only one species will live to survive! Will you fight as a Marine, a Scientist, an Alien, or a Predator? Each character has a special power that can be used once per game.

Dice From Another World: Sculpted dice bring the game to life, and the “Battle Chance Die” gives you the opportunity to shake things up. Will you misfire or make a massive attack on all your opponents? There can only be one winner in Battle Yahtzee®: Alien vs. Predator™, will that winner be you?

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