Avenging Spirit [retro-bit] - Nintendo GameBoy - New

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# Retro-Bit's first-ever Game Boy release: Avenging Spirit! **_Orders placed by 10/31/2022 will LOCK-IN the current retail price. Once these are in stock on 11/1, the price will go to around Market Price (Currently more than double the current price)_** While out on a date with his girlfriend Gennifer, the player is ambushed and murdered by gangsters who were out to kidnap his girlfriend. Her father is a researcher of ghost energy and they use his daughter to blackmail him to help the gang. The father calls out to the player using his technology and helps put him on the path to save his girlfriend and end the gang’s evil plans. The game has six stages with boss battles. There are two endings, depending if the player collected the three keys to rescue Gennifer. While the story is a bit on the serious side, its charming art style and music give it a lot of character.

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