8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Controller - Nintendo 64 Style (Preowned)

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Two of today's greatest retro gaming innovators collaborated once again to change the way you play! Retro-Bit and 8Bitdo introduce the first N64 inspired wireless Bluetooth Controller for PC/Mac, smart phones, and Nintendo consoles. The controller features 10 function buttons including left and right shoulder functions and Z-trigger. Get precise D-Pad action response while enjoying the classic feel of the legendary Joystick. The controller features support for Bluetooth and USB connection. The built-in 480mAh Lithium-ion battery supports up to 10 hours of continuous gameplay! The RB8-64 comes with upgradable firmware and programmable keys. This N64-styled controller is compatible with PC/Windows, Mac/iOS, Android, and Nintendo consoles with a retro receiver (compatible with Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Wii U, NES Classic Edition).

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