Haunted Halloween 85 - Nintendo NES


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You'll have to try hard and ght even harder to save the town on Halloween night. Possum Hollow has been haunted by an evil presence, turning your best friends into brain-craving zombies and innocent pumpkins into poisonous, death-dealing obstacles. Its up to you to nd out what is wreaking havoc on your town and destroy it... but it wont be easy... To get to the source of the evil you will have to battle the haunts, climb trees, avoid jagged bushes, navigate underground caverns and come face to face with an unexpected evil that you must overcome in order to climb out of your own grave.

Original NES game created by Retrotainment Games
Coded entirely in 6502 Assembly
Built from the ground up with all new code and components
Includes game box, protective sleeve, manual, and Zombie Green cartridge
Side scrolling beat em up action
Detailed 8-bit game graphics
Compatible with NES consoles

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